But What If We’re Wrong? by Chuck Klosterman

But What If We're Wrong?

But What If We’re Wrong?: Thinking About The Present As If It Were The Past Klosterman asks the question, what will our present look like in the future. Namely what science, literature, music, TV, sports, etc. will standout. Is it what we think it will be. Klosterman knows it’s impossible to answer that question but tries to figure what it might look like in general terms by looking at the past and how it looked to those living it vs. how it looks to us now. Klosterman is one of my favorite authors (a local boy) and like his skeptical look at science. I like any book that causes me to pause and think, so I loved this book

288 pages

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Excerpts From My Kindle

Normal consumers declare rock to be dead whenever they personally stop listening to it (or at least to new iterations of it), which typically happens about two years after they graduate from college.
location 740–741

But this essential process, somewhat ironically, erodes the level of realism. It exaggerates every narrative detail and forces the characters to unload bushels of awkward exposition, simply because casual viewers won’t make those subtextual connections without heavy-handed guidance.
location 2007–2008

I sometimes think I should have titled this book Aristotle: The Genius Who Was Wrong About Fucking Everything.
location 4165–4166


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