After Nature by W.G. Sebald

After Nature

After Nature is a collection of three long poems, about three men: Matthias Grunewald (German Renaissance painter), Georg Steller, (scientist and Arctic explorer) and W.G. Sebald (the author).
I read the book twice in a row. Not because the book is so good, or so bad, but because I got the nagging feeling that it would read better as prose than as a highly formatted poem. So I took my epub version in to Calibre, converted it to an html file, stripped all the formatting out, converted it back to an epub file, and then read it as three short stories. It was definitely easier to read but it still didn’t do anything for me. I found myself looking references online. The art of Grunewald, and a short biography of Steller on Wikipedia, which I found more enjoyable to read.
Patti Smith makes much of this work in “M Train” but it’s not for me. Nature can often be cruel, but so can I.

130 pages

Amazon Book Preview of “After Nature


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