Bat Boy by Matthew McGough

Bat Boy

Bat Boy: My True Life Adventures Coming Of Age With The New York Yankees

McGough wrote a letter to the Yankees, and after some persistence became a Bat Boy for the 1992 and 1993 seasons. He was only 16, which you would expect for a bat boy, but considering the work load and hours, I’m amazed his parents let him continue. Yes, the job was a lot of work, but McGough met some interesting characters; not just the players either. He had access to a life few of us have seen.

The writing is crisp and amusing. McGough fulfilled his childhood dream and along the way learned: how much hard work is required to succeed, to avoid pyramid schemes, and stay away from scammers.

404 pages

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Excerpt from the book

Every game held the promise of a new exchange or adventure that might bring me deeper into the fold. I found common interests with a couple of players and grounds for conversation with others. I remember an early conversation with Bernie Williams about jazz and New York jazz clubs. I settled an argument between Kevin Maas, the Yankees backup first baseman, and Gary Weil, the strength and conditioning coach. Maas, who had graduated from UC-Berkeley with a degree in mechanical engineering, was probably the smartest and doubtless the best educated person on the Yankees roster. Weil, whom everyone called “Troll,” had a master’s degree in education and before coming to the Yankees had served on the coaching staff of Notre Dame’s football team. Maas and Troll were inexplicably debating the significance of Avogadro’s number in chemical science, and the two of them turned to me to resolve their disagreement. I had studied chemistry the year before, and remembered both the number and what it meant: 6.02 x 1023 , the number of atoms or molecules in a mole of any chemical substance. Maas grudgingly conceded the bet.
Troll threw me an enthusiastic high five, punctuating what was surely the most peculiar dugout exchange I had during my tenure with the Yankees.
page 73


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