Severance by Chris Bucholz


Severance is the story of a generational colony ship on it’s way to Tau Prius. After 240 years everything is starting to fall apart. Not only the ship but the people too. The passengers of the Argos are bored and have been bred to be pliant and more than a little stupid. Their days are spent with sex, drugs, booze, and violence. Anything to pass the time. Some lucky passengers take care of the ship, including our hero Laura Stein who spends her days replacing broken thermostats.
A co-worker is murdered on the job. Laura stumbles upon a conspiracy that could sever the ship in two. Laura is labelled a terrorist and is soon on the run with her overweight friend, Bruce. They dig deep into the workings of Argos, finding clues, and allies to fight Argo’s corrupt government and evil military force.
The characters are well-developed with memorable personalities, which make the book fun to read. Bucholz alternates between the main characters, and their predecessors in alternating chapters. It was a good way to explain the backstory, which in this book can be a little complex, as he also weaves in subplots.
Bucholz has written a humorous book with a great plot. The story moves along like a thriller as our maintenance workers save the day. It this way it reminds me of the movie: “Brazil”.

324 pages

Amazon Book Preview of “Severance


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