Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Ender's Game

I finally read this classic work of science fiction after recommendations by many, many people.  My thoughts?  Yes, it definitely deserves all the accolades.  It is a stripped down, young adult fiction examination of what makes humans good.

Ender Wiggin is a young boy with an aptitude that got him noticed by the military elite.  The earth had already gone through two invasions by an alien race called “buggers,” who seem bent on destroying mankind in order to take the planet for themselves.  After fending them off twice, the powers that be believe the aliens will be back to finish us off unless we make a pre-emptive strike and finish them off first.  Those military geniuses are looking for the right leader to carry out the job, and it appears Ender is that person.

There are so many value questions explored by author Orson Scott Card.  Does the fact that Ender is still a child make a difference?  They are not fully honest with Ender, who is heart a truly good-hearted boy.  While trying to turn Ender into the “perfect” leader, Colonel Graff was making him into a killer on a grand scale, and Ender was trying to preserve his identity of goodness. Even if it means saving the human race, can crossing those ethical boundaries ever be justified? I highly recommend this book.  It is as entertaining as it is thought-provoking.

5 stars (out of 5)
Published in 1994
324 pages

Amazon Book Preview of Ender’s Game


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