In Manchuria by Michael Meyer

In Manchuria

The more I read about China, the more eager I am to learn about this nation, rich in history and culture.  Michael Meyer, becomes an expat living in rural China after a stint in Peace Corps, and enjoys teaching there.  He meets his Chinese wife and decides to rent some land in a small village called Wasteland – the home of his wife’s family.

What follows is a charming and interesting story of Meyer’s personal experiences in an area of China rarely written about, the people, and it’s history.  I especially enjoyed his interviews with the locals and sharing of their past, from the Japanese occupation to Mao’s cultural revolution.  Also noteworthy is the rapid changes that are occurring even in so remote an area.  Meyer talks about the frustration of the villagers who are asked to give up their homes and land for the sake of a rice company, and move into high rise apartments.  Fans of Peter Hessler would enjoy this book.

4 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2015
352 pages

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