The Road To Dune by Frank Herbert

The Road To Dune

A decade after the death of Frank Herbert, his son Brian and Brian’s co-writer Kevin J. Anderson, stumbled upon a safe deposit box containing a cache of the author’s unpublished manuscripts, Dune chapters and letters.  Brian Herbert relates their excitement, not just from the standpoint that they were preparing to continue writing about Herbert’s Dune Universe, but also from the standpoint of a fan of the series.  They compiled these newly found writings, and published them in The Road to Dune.

When I started reading this book, I completely understood their excitement.  The first piece is a novella called Spice Planet, which Dune was actually based on.  Some of the names were changed:  Leto Atreides was known as Jesse Linkam; his concubine Jessica was known as Dorothy Mapes; and Paul went by the name Barri.  But the story was terrific, and despite the name changes, any Dune fan would immediately slip into the comfort of familiar characters and places.

I also enjoyed reading some of the missing chapters (although they might have been better added to subsequent publications of their respective books) and the letters responding to Frank Herbert’s original publication of Dune.  This is definitely a must-read for any Dune fan.

4 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2006
426 pages

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