Turtle Diary by Russell Hoban

Turtle Diary

Turtle Diary is Russell Hoban’s study of loneliness, when two middle aged persons discover their mutual fascination with sea turtles, and conspire to free the turtles in the London Zoo.

“The essence of it is that they can find something and they are not being allowed to do it. What more can you do to a creature, short of killing it, than prevent it from finding what it can find? How must they feel?”

A short narrative, in diary form, and beautifully written, is also achingly familiar to anyone who has struggled when solitude.  The silver lining is the happy ending to Hoban’s novella, giving hope that loneliness is not necessarily a permanent condition.

4 stars (out of 5)
Published in 1975
208 pages

Amazon Book Preview of Turtle Diary


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