The Great Revolt by Salena Zito

The Great Revolt

Journalist Salena Zito hit the road and spent quite of bit of time interviewing voters in the Rust Belt – those states that were hit hard during the decline of manufacturing in the United States.  States like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin that used to comprise “The Blue Wall” flipped from Democrat to Republican and handed Donald Trump the presidency.  What was it exactly, Zito pondered, that changed the voting trends in places like this?

Through these interviews, it is clear that Hillary Clinton and the Democrat party made a gross miscalculation.  What Zito found was voters who switched party affiliation and voters to felt motivated to go to the voting booth for the first time in decades.  The cause? There were several.  Primarily, communities like these were dying with the exodus of manufacturing – and good paying jobs along with it.  It was heartbreaking to hear of cities with 30 percent unemployment or higher at a time when President Obama claimed the United States had recovered economically.  These communities clearly hadn’t.  For decades, the Democrat Party had stood for the blue collar worker, but these people understood that they had been left out in the cold for globalist policies; and for more preferred special interest groups – namely environmentalists and supporters of illegal immigration. Other pivotal causes were gun control, the Supreme Court and national security.

I applaud Ms. Zito for a well-written and researched look at the voters that made a difference in the 2016 Presidential election.

5 stars (out of 5)
Published in 2018
302 pages

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