Footfall by Jerry Pournelle


Footfall; co-written by Larry Niven

I love a good alien invasion story, and I wanted to read  more books by Jerry Pournelle (who died a year ago). It’s a good story. It was nominated for a Hugo and Locus back in 1986. It’s slightly odd to read a story that should take place in the future but takes place in the past.. circa 1986. Pournelle and Niven weave the story with lots of characters, multiple plotlines, cold war issues, and ‘elephant-like’ aliens. The Fithp’s herd culture was interesting, and there were plenty of surprises in the book.

610 pages

Amazon Book Preview of “Footfall

Excerpts From My Kindle

Along a parabola Man’s fate like a rocket flies, Mainly in darkness, now and then on a rainbow. —Andrei Voznesevisky, “Parabolic Ballad – location 798-799

“Surrender,” said Chowpeentulk. “Roll on your back for my mate’s murderer.” – location 10781-10781

An illustration of the ship Michael.

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