Art Matters by Neil Gaiman

Art Matters

Art Matters: Because Your Imagination Can Change the World is an inspirational coffee table book. But it’s not inspirational, and it’s too small to be a coffee table book. It’s cute but not very serious. It’s a collection of four pieces that are illustrated in pencil by Chris Riddell.


112 pages

Excerpts from the book

Make Good Art
I escaped from school as soon as I could, when the prospect of four more years of enforced learning before I’d become the writer I wanted to be was stifling. I got out into the world. I wrote, and I became a better writer the more I wrote and I wrote some more, and nobody ever seemed to mind that I was making it up as I went along. They just read what I wrote and they paid for it, or they didn’t. And often they commissioned me to write something else for them. Which has left me with a healthy respect and fondness for higher education that those of my friends and family, who attended universities, were cured of long ago. pages 45–51

Normally, there are things you have to do before you can get to the place you want to be. I wanted to write comics and novels and stories and films so I became a journalist because journalist are allowed to ask questions, and to simply go and find out how the world works, and besides, to do those things I needed to write and to write well and I was being paid to learn how to write economically, crisply, sometimes under adverse conditions, and on time. page 58

In my case, I was convinced that there would be a knock on the door and a man with a clipboard (I don’t know why he carried a clipboard, in my head, but he did.) would be there, to tell me it was all over, and they had caught up with me, and how I would have to go and get a real job, one that didn’t consist of making things up and writing them down, and reading books I wanted to read. page 69

Craig writes Gaiman a ticket

Craig writes Gaiman a ticket for this book .

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