Adventures In The Screen Trade by William Goldman

Adventures In The Screen Trade

The stories are good, especially if you’re old enough to remember the movies Goldman worked on. In Adventures In The Screen Trade he explains why some scripts worked and some didn’t, and the behind-the-scenes politics that determine which movies get made and who makes them. Even in the early 1970s the ‘movie stars’ had more power than one would imagine.
Goldman has one piece of advice that repeats a couple times, “Nobody knows anything.” One that applies in many industries. One that he illustrates with a number of funny stories about Hollywood.
Starting with Chapter 18, Goldman uses one of his short stories to illustrate how he creates a script and then invites other professions to give notes on how it might be shot. I found these chapters to be dull. But then I’m not planning to write a screenplay any time soon. I did enjoy his original short story: “DaVinci”. It sparked a memory of playing marbles in 4th grade.
I look forward to reading his sequel.

436 pages

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