Little Green Men by Christopher Buckley

Little Green Men

Little Green Men is a funny story about some funny people – Washington elites – and what happens when one of them is abducted by aliens in a UFO. It was so easy to believe everything in this story, which made it even funnier.

324 pages

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She took Banion to her exhibit booth, where she had copies of her magazine. He examined the cover of the current issue. “Very nice,” said Banion, studying the cover photo, of a large but well-proportioned woman wearing a black leather miniskirt and leopard-skin leotard top, with a tattoo, a flying saucer, hovering over one bosom. He read the cover line:

  • The “Rules” Of Alien Dating
  • But Will He Respect You As A Human Being?
  • Strobed, Disrobed, And Probed
  • Are Nordics Really Better In Bed?
  • Is It You They Want, Or Just Your Eggs? location 1485–89

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