Life To The Limit by Jenson Button

Life To The Limit

Jenson comes across as very likeable in Life To The Limit. The story he tells about his father is very touching. As a kid seeing his parents go through a divorce, and bonding with his dad: first through racing motorbikes, then karts, and finally racing cars. I enjoy following Formula One racing, so to see it through his eyes was very interesting: As he develops from a rookie to a champion.

304 pages

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Tweaks you can make are to the front and rear spring rates, which is the stiffness of suspension and tends to be adjusted to take into account the surface at different circuits. Then there’s rollbar stiffness, which controls the balance of the car and determines how much the car will ‘roll’ over bumps; if it’s stiff that’s good for the aerodynamics, but the car will struggle on the kerbs, and vice versa. It’s really up to the individual driver and how they feel the car will perform on a given circuit. Personally, I like to use the kerbs. I’m all about pushing that track to its limit, so that’s an important setting for me. There are the damper settings, which control oscillation of the springs – in simple terms how ‘bouncy’ do you want the car to be. Then there are the wing settings, which are crucial to get right for downforce, as well as the ride height, which is basically the distance between the car and the road and again is essential because it’s so intrinsically linked to downforce. Next there’s the camber, castor, toe-in or toe-out of the wheels, which are all the angles of the wheels and can be adapted to the steering preference of the driver. Location 1872–1880

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