The Historical Atlas Of The Bible by Dr. Ian Barnes

The Historical Atlas of The Bible

The Historical Atlas of The Bible: A Visual Guide From Ancient Times To The New Testament

400 pages

Excerpt from the book:

A Nation Divided

Shortly after Solomon’s death, differences between the northern tribes – who were angry at being economically exploited and uneasy about religious changes – and the southerners culminated in the kingdom’s collapse. The Old Testament was written during the centuries of civil strife, invasion, and exile that followed. page 126

The Kings of Judah and Israel

page 127

* Assassinated

Judah Israel
David (c. 100–961)
Soloman (c. 961–922)
Rehoboam (922–915)
Abijam (915–913)
Jehashaphat (873–849)
Jehoram (849–842*)
married Queen Athaliah
Ahaziah (842*)
Joash (837–800*)
Amaziah (800–783*)
Uzziuh (783–742)
Jotham (742–735)
Ahaz (735–715)
Hezekiah (715–687)
Manasseh (687–642)
Amon (642–640*)
Josiah (640–609)
Jehoahaz (609)
Jehoiakim (609–598)
Jehoiurhin (598–597)
Zedekiah (597–587)
Fall Of Jerusalem (587)
Jeroboam (922–901)
Nudab (901–900*)
Baasha (900–877)
Elah (877–876*)
Zimri (876 suicide)
Omri (876–869)
Ahab (869–850)
Athaliah, (842–837*)
married King Jehoram
Ahaziah (850–849)
Jehoram (849–842)
Jehu (842–815)
Jehoahaz (815–801)
Jehoash (801–786)
Jeraoboam II (786–746)
Zechariah (746–745*)
Shailum (745*)
Menahem (745–738)
Pekahiah (738–737*)
Pekah (737–732*)
Hoshea (732–724)
Fall Of Samaria (721)

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