2010 Science Fiction

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Fargo Public Library (FPL): Main/Carlson branches in the Science Fiction section unless noted. Minnesota State University, Moorhead (MSUM) Lord Livingstone Library
## listing from the Top 100 Science Fiction Books. These are the books in the top 50 that I haven’t read, or only saw the movie, or just want to read again.

## Author Title Year MSUM FPL
15 Dan Simmons Hyperion 1989 m/c
24 Neal Stephenson Snow Crash 1992 m/c
25 Niven & Pournelle The Mote in God’s Eye 1975 PS3564.I9 M6 m
26 Ursula K Le Guin Left Hand of Darkness 1969 PS3562.E42 L4 m/c
31 Alfred Bester Stars My Destination 1956 PS3552.E796 S8
33 Roger Zelazny Lord of Light 1967 PS3576.E43 L6 m
36 Madeleine L’Engle A Wrinkle In Time 1962 L566wr3 (2nd cur) m/c (child SF)
39 Michael Crichton The Andromeda Strain 1969 PS3553.R48 A5 m/c (fiction)
41 Vernor Vinge A Fire Upon the Deep 1991 PS3572.I534 F57
42 Neal Stephenson Cryptonomicon 1999 m/c (fiction)
43 John Wyndham The Day of the Triffids 1951 PR6015.A6425 D39 m/c
44 Philip K Dick UBIK 1969 c
45 Robert A Heinlein Time Enough For Love 1973
48 Daniel Keyes Flowers for Algernon 1966 PS3561.E8 F5 m/c (fiction,teen)
49 Walter M Miller Canticle for Leibowitz 1959 PS3563.I4215 C3 m/c
50 Isaac Asimov The End Of Eternity 1955 m (audio CD)
## Author Title Year EW Grade
82 Edgar Burroughs A Princess of Mars 1912 A
EM Forster The Machine Stops 1909
Clarke & Baxter Sunstorm 2005 B+
Robert Reed Well Of Stars 2005 A
Robert Reed Marrow 2000
Samuel R. Delany Driftglass 1971
Samuel R. Delany Distant Stars 1981
Samuel R. Delany Stars In My Pocket Like Grains Of Sand 1984

These Science Fiction Books are from other lists that I have laying around.
EW = Entertainment Weekly.

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