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To Marry An English Lord by Gail MacColl & Carol McD. Wallace

From Goodreads: “From the Gilded Age until 1914, more than 100 American heiresses invaded Britannia and swapped dollars for titles–just like Cora Crawley, Countess of Grantham, the first of the Downton Abbey characters Julian Fellowes was inspired to create after reading To … Continue reading

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Lafayette by Marc Leepson

From Goodreads:  “The Marquis de Lafayette is an icon of American—and French—history. Lafayette’s life story is the stuff of legend. Born into an aristocratic French family of warriors, made lieutenant in the French Royal Guard at age 14, and married into … Continue reading

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We’ll Be Here For The Rest Of Our Lives by Paul Shaffer

We’ll Be Here For The Rest Of Our Lives: A Swingin’ Show-Biz Saga; co-written by David Ritz Paul Shaffer grew up in Thunder Bay. A nice Jewish boy whose parents filled his head with show business. The book follows him … Continue reading

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My Sisters The Saints by Colleen Carroll Campbell

Author Colleen Carroll Campbell had it all:  a great job working in the White House, the perfect husband, and an extremely bright looking future.  Why then, did it seem as if something was missing?  This is an excellent memoir that … Continue reading

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Lions Of The West: Heroes And Villains Of The Westward Expansion by Robert Morgan

From Goodreads: “The bestselling historian and biographer of Boone turns his storytelling genius to the lives of ten American legends, each caught in the act of securing America’s past. From Thomas Jefferson’s birth in 1743 to the California gold rush in … Continue reading

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Sherman’s March by Burke Davis

Sherman’s March is an excellent account of William T. Sherman’s devastating sweep through Georgia and the Carolinas during the last days of the U.S. Civil War.  In addition to the thorough and engaging narrative, Davis includes eyewitness accounts from hundreds … Continue reading

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Arc Of Justice by Kevin Boyle

Arc Of Justice: A Saga of Race, Civil Rights, and Murder in the Jazz Age is the winner of the 2004 National Book Award for Nonfiction. I enjoyed the book once the story got into the courtroom. Rest of the … Continue reading

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