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Waking Up In Eden by Lucinda Fleeson

I read this book as part of a Goodreads Challenge which required a book set in Hawaii. I’ve read a few such books, but quite honestly, there aren’t many set in Hawaii which also got great reviews, so I did a … Continue reading

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Washington’s Spies by Alexander Rose

What makes a good movie or book even better?  Knowing that it actually happened.  The AMC series TURN is a fantastic bingeworthy show about the Culper Ring –  a spy ring out of Setauket, NY that helped turn the tide of … Continue reading

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The Visual Miscellaneum by David McCandless

The Visual Miscellaneum: A Colorful Guide To The World’s Most Consequential Trivia is a pretty cool book. It would make a good gift. A classic table-top-book. One you can pick up and pick a random page. It’s visually appealing and … Continue reading

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Blood And Thunder by Hampton Sides

Subtitled An Epic of the American West, Hampton Sides’ Blood and Thunder is a tour de force, an amazing work of non-fiction, telling the story of Kit Carson and the settling of the West. From it’s opening pages, I was hooked.  Sides … Continue reading

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The Polysyllabic Spree by Nick Hornsby

Lately I’ve been over critical of my life.  I mean, what normal person spends so much time reading and obsessing over book lists and planning their book purchases?  But then I read Nick Hornby’s The Polysyllabic Spree.  Within it’s 143 pages, … Continue reading

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The Hatred Of Poetry by Ben Lerner

The theme of The Hatred of Poetry is: poetry inevitably disappoints by not living up to the writer’s and/or the reader’s expectation of Poetry’s ideal. This rings true with me. More so as a reader. We can’t read the writer’s … Continue reading

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Raising The Barre by Lauren Kessler

I am very select about the books I choose to read these days.  I don’t add a book to my to-be-read list until I’ve researched it very carefully.  Still, when I picked up this work of non-fiction, I thought to myself … Continue reading

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