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The Princess Diarist by Carrie Fisher

The Princess Diarist C 267 pages Amazon Book Preview of “The Princess Diarist“

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A Life In Parts by Bryan Cranston

A Life in Parts A- 289 pages Amazon Book Preview of “A Life in Parts“

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Killing The SS by Bill O’Reilly

Killing The SS: The Hunt for the Worst War Criminals in History I read a couple of these ‘Killing’ books by O’Reilly and Dugard. This was the best one so far. Most books about World War II end with The … Continue reading

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Life To The Limit by Jenson Button

Jenson comes across as very likeable in Life To The Limit. The story he tells about his father is very touching. As a kid seeing his parents go through a divorce, and bonding with his dad: first through racing motorbikes, … Continue reading

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The Soundtrack Of My Life by Clive Davis

I loved reading The Soundtrack Of My Life; co-written by Anthony DeCurtis, because I love reading books about Rock and Pop Music. I found the book self-serving and DeCurtis isn’t the best writer. As a lawyer Davis served Columbia and … Continue reading

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Narrative Of The Operations by Giovanni Belzoni

Narrative Of The Operations; co-written by Sarah Belzoni. My sister enjoyed Egypt on Netflix and knew I would like it. I was fascinated by the two episodes on Giovanni Belzoni. I wanted to follow up with his book. It was … Continue reading

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Spider From Mars by Woody Woodmansey

Spider From Mars: My Life with Bowie is one of the better written Rock Biographies. Michael ‘Woody’ Woodmanssey was the drummer for David Bowie during his Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars era. As such, Woody played on the … Continue reading

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