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On A Someday by Roxanne Henke

On a Someday is a novel about the challenges faced by fifty-somethings.  An empty nest, busy lives, looming retirement, aging parents – the main characters in this book, Jim and Claire Westin undergo a series of struggles and decisions. Henke … Continue reading

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The Heart Of Everything That Is by Bob Drury and Tom Cavin

An excellent account of the life of Red Cloud, the Sioux warrior who took on the American Army in battle and win.  This impressive work is an excellent and in my opinion, unbiased account, of the life of northern Native … Continue reading

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Heimat by Shirley Wegner Nitschke

In the 1830’s, German immigrants began arriving in Russia, chased out of their homeland by crushing taxes and military conscription.  The emperor’s wars were taking it’s toll on the people, and they’d had enough.  Queen Catherine of Russia had new … Continue reading

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The Master Butcher’s Singing Club by Louise Erdrich

Years ago I read Louise Erdrich’s award winning novel, Love Medicine, and although I appreciated her literary talents, her depiction of Native American life in my home state, North Dakota, was depressing.  For that reason I have been reluctant to … Continue reading

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Always Jan by Roxanne Henke

Always Jan is book #4 in Roxanne Henke’s Coming Home to Brewster series, and deals with the specific topic of aging and maturing within a Christian context.  Like the other books in the series, Henke writes about characters that draw … Continue reading

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Breakfast with Buddha by Roland Merullo

“In a mysterious fashion not completely understandable to us, everything moves the individual toward humility.” The above statement describes Roland Merullo’s belief system in his own words.  I find it comfortingly fits with my own faith, and likely most  people’s … Continue reading

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Dakota: A Spiritual Geography by Kathleen Norris

“Nature, in Dakota, can indeed be an experience of the holy.” I ran across a review of Dakota on Goodreads, and couldn’t believe I had not heard of this book before.  As a native North Dakotan and someone who is on … Continue reading

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