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Twelve Years A Slave by Solomon Northrup

Originally published in 1853, Twelve Years a Slave is Solomon’s Northrup’s personal account of how he was kidnapped and sold into slavery.  Born a free man in Saratoga, New York, Northrup’s narrative is meant to be a factual, unemotional account, but … Continue reading

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Confederates In The Attic by Tony Horwitz

Although this work of non-fiction was written in the 1990’s, it’s especially pertinent today.  Journalist and Civil War enthusiast Tony Horwitz took a journey through the South, following the path of the great Civil War battles.  Sometimes he went as … Continue reading

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Song Yet Sung by James McBride

Liz Spocott is a runaway slave in 1850 Maryland.  She is shot in the head and captured by slave traders, when she manages to escape, setting free the other captures slaves at the same time.  In McBride’s novel, we are … Continue reading

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On Agate Hill by Lee Smith

The premise to On Agate Hill is a good one.  A box of mementos from a once stately southern plantation house is found, offering a glimpse into the past and an introduction to a young girl who lived in the … Continue reading

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The Last Full Measure by Jeff Shaara

Jeff Shaara is truly a master at depicting the intricacies of war.  In The Last Full Measure, he takes on the final battles of the Civil War, and what surely must be going through the heads of the most notable … Continue reading

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