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Fourth Of July Creek by Smith Henderson

Pete is a social worker in western Montana, but it seems like his life is almost as messed up as the clients he tries to help.  From a sexually abused boy, to a youth whose father is convinced the world … Continue reading

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N0S4A2 by Joe Hill

This month I decided to satisfy my craving for pop fiction.  For the past few years, I’ve been out of the loop in this genre, so I  knew virtually nothing of Joe Hill, except that N0S4A2 received great reviews, so … Continue reading

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The Woman In White by Wilkie Collins

Once hailed as “great trash” by literary critic Edward Bulwer-Lytton, The Woman in White became a favorite with readers not just in 1860, when it was published, but for more than one hundred years to follow. The novel opens with … Continue reading

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The Lords of Discipline by Pat Conroy

Set in 1966 at a military academy called “The Institute”, The Lords of Discipline is an extremely well-crafted look at the collegiate military life during a tumultuous period.  For starters, the craft of hazing seemed to have been perfected to … Continue reading

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Ghostman by Roger Hobbs

Ghostman Hobbs is a good writer: clear, concise, easy to read. Like most thrillers the story moves at nice pace. The main (un-named) character is a ghost. His specialty is disappearing. Why this is a particularly important skill isn’t made … Continue reading

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Never Go Back by Lee Child

Never Go Back: Jack Reacher 18 Our hero, Jack Reacher, is back home in the 110th Military Police. He is simultaneously drafted and arrested. His mission is to clear his name, rescue Major Susan Turner, and unravel a mystery, preferably … Continue reading

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Wanted Man by Lee Child

A Wanted Man: Jack Reacher #17, is an engrossing story and Child is an excellent writer. The first third of the book takes place in a car. Jack Reacher is hitchhiking with three business people. Or so they seem. The … Continue reading

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