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I do a little web design work and support a couple web sites and blogs. My primary focus is lighting and energy consulting where I use a number of computer tools to help my customer find ways of saving money and improving their work environment. See my web site for more information:

Football For Dummies by Howie Long

I’ve been watching football for over 40 years and I still don’t know all the ins and out of the game. I picked up this book to help fill some of those holes. Howie Long has done a good job … Continue reading

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The Education Of A Coach by David Halberstam

The Education Of A Coach tells the story of my favorite NFL Coach, Bill Belichick. The book also explains how the New England ‘Patriots‘ manage to win so many championships, when the entire NFL is design to break up dynasties. … Continue reading

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The Great Leader And The Fighter Pilot by Blaine Harden

The Great Leader And The Fighter Pilot: A True Story About the Birth of Tyranny in North Korea Harden paints a bleak picture of Kim Il-Sung. We also get to see the primary role that Stalin’s Soviet Union, and Mao’s … Continue reading

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The Whistler by John Grisham

I enjoyed The Whistler although it’s slower, and less action packed than Grisham’s usual stories. It’s more cerebral as Grisham shows how well the tracks are covered and what the good guys have to do to get some leverage. I … Continue reading

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The Stench Of Honolulu by Jack Handey

The Stench of Honolulu: A Tropical Adventure was a good antidote to “My Own Country“. I laughed out loud at every chapter. A tongue-in-cheek take on travel and leisure writing. The narrator goes to Hawaii, but not the Hawaii you’re … Continue reading

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My Own Country by Abraham Verghese

My Own Country: A Doctor’s Story of a Town and its People in the Age of AIDS Verghese’s parents were from Kerala, India but taught school in Ethiopia, where Abraham was born, and given his Christian name. He specialized in … Continue reading

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Homeward Bound by Peter Ames Carlin

Homeward Bound: The Life of Paul Simon is well researched, and there are hundreds if not thousands of interviews and album reviews to pick from, so Carlin was able to paint a pretty complete portrait of Paul Simon. The book … Continue reading

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