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I do a little web design work and support a couple web sites and blogs. My primary focus is lighting and energy consulting where I use a number of computer tools to help my customer find ways of saving money and improving their work environment. See my web site for more information:

Empire by Samuel R. Delany

Empire; Illustrated by Howard V. Chaykin I don’t like graphic novels, but I do like Delany. I also thought Howard V. Chaykin’s artwork was interesting; occasionally even good. There isn’t much room for text in a graphic novel. At best … Continue reading

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The Second World Wars by Victor Davis Hanson

I almost expected the last sentence to read, “Solve for X.” This after reading The Second World Wars: How the First Global Conflict Was Fought and Won, which at times read like an insanely long word problem in a Math … Continue reading

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Empire Star by Samuel R. Delany

“Empire Star ” is a short but very good story about a kid that is chosen to deliver a message.. to the Empire Star. He doesn’t know what the message is but by the time he complete is journey/training, he … Continue reading

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Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Frankenstein: The Original 1818 ‘Uncensored’ Edition I saw “The New Annotated Frankenstein” and read some excerpts. I was interested to learn there was an earlier version that was different from the version I owned: Mary Shelley’s original 1818 text. I … Continue reading

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Midnight Line by Lee Child

There are two types of Reacher novels. One where Reacher saves the world, and one where Reacher works his magic in a smaller setting. In “The Midnight Line” it’s the latter. Thankfully. I find the small stage suits Reacher better. … Continue reading

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Hero Next Door by Frank A. Burnham

Hero Next Door was published in 1974. It might seem to be wildly out of date and in some ways it is. But I was looking for background information on Civil Air Patrol. 1. Its early history, and 2. how … Continue reading

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Dangerous by Milo Yiannopoulos

If you want to know who Milo Yiannopoulos is and what all the fuss is about, this may be the book for you. But only if you don’t mind vulgar language, graphic sex, and ‘dangerous’ political concepts. I don’t. I … Continue reading

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